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In the pricing calculator, you will find 4 options to calculate your price quotes for your clients:

  1. Recommended price quote just to cover your direct costs
  2. Recommended price quote just to cover your direct costs + fixed costs
  3. Recommended price quote just to cover your costs + % margin that you choose
  4. An option to put your price and see the margin that left

Over the years we have collected a great deal of information to formulate recommendations for using Sinergy finance pricing calculator. The recommendations are based on two main sources:

  1. Our personal experience with many customers.
  2. Results of financial calculations that our system performs such as :

    • Calculation of hourly rate of fixed costs
    • Calculation of hourly rate of employee costs
    • Calculation of hourly rate of machine costs

Disclosure and waiver: All that is stated on this site is given by us according to our experience and our best understanding.

This does not constitute a guideline for for your price quotes and does not replace consultation with others as much you need in order to complete your final offerring for your clients . Anyone who makes use of the content of this site, whether it is about himself or others, does so at their own risk.

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Cancellation policy

Cancellation of this service shall be done by the end of the same month that you asked for a cancel. Cancellation of a transaction in accordance with the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of a Transaction) Regulations, 2010 and the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981".